Welcome to Haven Homes


Haven Homes is an autonomously managed old age home run under the auspices of

the Haven Night Shelter Organisation. The aim of Haven Homes, as a registered Old

Age Home is the provision of 24 hour frail/hospice care, various services, the

provision of 225 meals per day and developmental opportunities to as many older

destitute persons as possible in a safe and protected environment


Most of our clients have experienced major trauma and losses. i.e.  loss of their home,

income, spouses, children, physical health etc. and this coupled with the nature of

progressive ageing increases their vulnerability.



"No one should have to live on our streets."


"To get the homeless to a home."


To make permanent shelter available to the elderly, together with rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services as well as physical care and support.

To partner and co-operate with religious institutions, welfare bodies, service providers, businesses, government departments, local authorities and individuals concerned with getting the elderly homeless in a home or reunite them with family or friends.

To promote community awareness and reduce the likelihood for people to continue to live on the streets.