Organisational Background /Profile


The Haven Night Shelter was established in 1972, when members of the Green Point community decided to address the problem of elderly homeless people in Cape Town.  In 1978 the first Haven Night Shelter was officially opened in Somerset Road, Green Point.  The Haven Night Shelter provided cheap overnight accommodation to homeless peoples to protect them against adverse weather conditions and crime.  In 1985 cottages were purchased in Aberdeen Street, Woodstock.  This gave birth to The Haven Old Age Home. This was the second phase of the Haven Night Shelter Organisation and The Haven Old Age Home became permanent accommodation for elderly homeless people.


Initially the home accommodated 29 homeless people.  By means of public donations, additional buildings in Essex Street, Woodstock were purchased and converted into an old age home with a frail care centre.  Haven Homes was officially registered as an Old Age Home in 1996 and is now home to 129 elderly people.    

Goaland Objectives of Haven Home

  • To provide health care services to the frail, in an effort to improve physical and mental health
  • To render professional lay counselling services to uplift and empower clients to self actualization and self sufficiency 

  • To establish participative practices in rehabilitation in conjunction with Clients, their families and the community    

  • To highlight and advocate for the plight of the destitute in general, to maintain effective and efficient management practices in the financial and human resources section of the Organisation                

  • To render preventative services to the older destitute person.
  • To reunite, link clients with their family of origin or look at alternative permanent accommodation which would enhance their functioning.
  • To encourage participative practises with the community to enhance the social functioning of clients.
  • To encourage the intergration of clients into the community



The project is managed by the manager,  a resident’s committee consisting of four members elected by the residents and nine committee (six females and three males) elected by the community.  The management committee members are:


Mr Spiro Mitchell (Chairperson), Walter Licata (Treasurer), Janice Haliford (Secretary) Professor Chris Winberg (Committee Member), (Committee Member), Yvette Murray (Committee Member), Mrs Alphedine Adams (Committee Member), Piet Postema (Committee Member), Esther Gubanxa (Committee Member)

 Details of Contact Person

Mr. Yasien Harris

Office:  (0027) (0) 21 447 7422

Cell    :  
(0027) (0) 82 674 2744