Haven Homes accommodates one hundred and twenty two aged “street persons” or “vagrants” referred from the night shelters, the day hospitals and other resources in the area.  The Haven employs 22 staff members which includes the manager, 2 administrative personel  members, a driver, 1 security guard, a part-time professional nurse, 2 supervisors and 14 homecarers.

The surrounding community benefits in that Haven Homes relieves them of this responsibility, it provides holistic care and encourages the re–integration of the clients into the border community and society. The Management Committee comprises of members of the surrounding community.



The home is structurally divided into four different service areas integrated into one.


The Aberdeen Street Cottages



The Aberdeen Street Cottages consists of five cottages each housing six homeless persons on a permanent basis.  Ages range from fifty to sixty years of age and comprises of twenty four males and six females. These clients are deemed independent and besides paying a fee towards their rent, have to provide for their own personal needs. Resources within the cottages i.e. kitchen and lounge are communally shared. The preventative section houses the clients who are still able to lead an independent lifestyle but are vulnerable to destitution.  Before they land on the streets Haven Homes would intervene in the form of accommodation and stability (ten males and six females). The kitchen and lounge are communally shared.

Frail Care Section


The frail care section provides a twenty four hour medical care service to seventy six persons. The gender complement is fifty three males and twenty three females.